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Stylish&Co x MUSE Collection

Stylish&Co x MUSE Collection

For years, Stylish&Co is proud to have helped thousands of you customize one of your favorite accessories - your planners! Since our inception, we have also been blessed to expand our collections to include stylish gifts and apparel and love seeing our designs pop up on Insta and YouTube! 

Now, coming up on our five-year anniversary (yay!) we are thrilled to announce the launch of our exclusive peel and stick wallpaper with MUSE. Interior design has always been a passion of Britt's and she has created eleven exclusive prints to enjoy in your home and office. 

The collection is available exclusively on MUSE and features a mix of watercolor botanicals, painted chevrons and classic black and white patterns. We can't wait to see what you (and Britt) do with these peel and stick patterns and hope you enjoy! 

Browse the full collection, here

Inky Herringbone

Classic Chaos


About MUSE

As seen in VOGUE, Real Simple and House Beautiful. MUSE Wall Studio removable wallpaper is gorgeous, vivid wallpaper that is easy to put up, is extremely durable, and comes off with absolutely no residue left on the wall.

Our self adhesive wallpaper peels off with just a pull, like the perfect sticker. Feel confident trying something bold! Perfect for novice DIY-ers because it's easy to reposition if you need to.

No extra glue, no soaking, no dry time, and no special equipment needed to apply.

Our removable wallpaper is a special matte polyester wall fabric (not vinyl). You can apply it on a wide variety of surfaces, including furniture, glass, wood, etc.

Do not apply the wallpaper to freshly painted surfaces, or surfaces painted in the last four weeks. For best results, apply to light-colored, smooth surfaces. 

Washable with mild soap and water. 

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