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Britt's Favorite Digital Planner Layouts

Britt's Favorite Digital Planner Layouts

If you follow my planner account on IG you probably already know that I integrated a digital planner into my planner stack about 2.5 years ago and it instantly became my new obsession! I love digital planning for many reasons but if I had to narrow it down to my top three, it would be…

  1. No more stockpiles of planner supplies! My planners, notebooks, digital stickers and pens go with me everywhere - all in my GoodNotes 5 app (more to come on the required app). If I don’t have what I need, I open the Procreate app and draw it quickly to instantly create a new sticker of banner or do a quick Google Search and grab a photo. 
  2. I can add pictures right into my spreads from my camera roll. I love adding pictures of my family and friends to mark their birthdays! I also love turning my planner into a memory planner by adding vacation photos directly into my layouts.
  3. You can easily add pages into your planner and make it completely custom. The GoodNotes 5 app allows you to duplicate, rearrange and add pages for whatever you need. I typically add a page when I need to plan/pack for a trip or want to plan a party, make my grocery list or even add a fitness tracker in for the weekly progress. I have some inserts that you can use or you can add a blank page and jot down your thoughts just like a page in a notebook. 

Before I get into some of my favorite layouts over the past two years, let me share what I use when digital planning. 

  • Tablet. I use the latest iPad Pro and my Apple Pencil. iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (4th generation) NOTE: you can use any iPad model that is compatible with the Apple Pencil.
  •  App. There are many apps that you can use when planning. I have tested a few and my favorite it tech GoodNotes 5 app. Others include Noteshelf and Metamoji Note. NOTE: Stylish & Co Digital Planners are all optimized as GoodNotes files and will not work in other apps. 
  • Digital planner. I have played around with a few layouts and formats but prefer an undated vertical layout. I have a ton of options in my shop (designed, vertical, horizontal, blackout and even build your own). 

I do have a YouTube channel with some quick tutorials and tips if you want to learn more! 

Now, into some of my favorite layouts! I had some extra time on my hands during this quarantine (a word I have now come to despise) and was ‘flipping’ through some of my old digital planners and thought it might be helpful to show how versatile digital planning can be. I hope they help to spark some creative juices for your paper or digital planner! I'd love to see how you are using your Stylish & Co digital planners and digital stickers/inserts - please tag me on IG (@stylishplanners)! 

Note: All of these examples are within the GoodNotes 5 app.
Planner: Pink Fields
Stickers: Fourth of July
Planner:  Pink Fields
Planner Stickers: Polly Watercolor
Planner: Pink Fields
Planner Stickers: Digital Planner Club Set (coming soon)
Planner Stickers: Sweet Dreams
Planner:  Pink Fields
Planner Stickers: Lemons
Planner: Deluxe Black Bloom
Planner Stickers: Floral Pineapple
Planner: Deluxe Black Bloom
Planner Stickers: Birthday Girl
Planner: Indigo
Planner Stickers: I actually imported my own illustrations for this one (i.e. the pup is my Moo. I drew her for my pet mug!) I also used these free COVID-19 stickers from AMXO!
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